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Displacement site in Khamer, Amran Governorate, Yemen. About 200 families of the muhamasheen minority, displaced from Sa’ada by fighting, live in the site.
OCHA/Philippe Kropf

Friday’s Daily Brief: human rights in Colombia, Myanmar and Nigeria, global displacement, and more

This Friday, we cover: the UN calling for an end to attacks against human rights defenders; a record number of displaced due to conflict and disasters; human rights issues in Myanmar; 900 children released from the ranks of a north-east Nigeria self-defense armed group; and referenda asking for the border dispute between Belize and Guatemala to be examined by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).


UN Gender Focus Special: LGBT

Caleb Orozco’s story of survival

Five years ago, Caleb Orozco challenged the criminalization of sodomy which is detailed in Section 53, of the Belize criminal code. The statute calls for a 10-year prison term for “carnal intercourse against the order of nature.” Like many former colonies of the British Empire, Belize inherited the law from Britain. Caleb Orozco won the historic case and just last month Section 53 was overturned as a violation of the constitution. But his lonely battle against discrimination continues as he told Jocelyne Sambira.


Disaster risk reduction in Belize beneficial but expensive

Reducing the economic impact caused by disasters is expensive but worthwhile, according to the minister for national emergencies in Belize.

The Central American country suffers regularly from floods which disrupt trade, agriculture, transportation and child education.

Minister Edmond Castro who works in the national emergency office, known as NEMO, was recently in Paraguay for a UN conference focusing on how best to reduce the negative effects of natural and man-made catastrophes.