UN rights expert urges ‘broad reform’ of oppressive media governance in Belarus

In a report to the General Assembly, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Belarus called on the country to start reforming its laws and practices that have for two decades stifled its citizens' right to freedom of expression.

Unique initiative helps spread the word about new global goals

A train known as the UN70 Belarus Express is helping to spread the word about the new Sustainable Development Goals (

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UNFPA working to protect the elderly from domestic violence in Belarus

Poverty has fallen dramatically in Belarus, but some groups remain vulnerable, particularly single-parent households, families with more than three children and the elderly.

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Belarus gets behind UN-backed development plan

Paying for major infrastructure projects is a challenge that many countries rich and poor must confront, if they’re to meet ambitious global development goals, also known as SDGs.

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"Constructive engagement" way forward for human rights in Belarus

The human rights situation in Belarus remains a concern for the United Nations, but “constructive engagement” is the way forward, according to the UN’s senior representative in the country.

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