At UN, Azerbaijan urges respect for Security Council measures; cites support for cultural diversity

Addressing the General Assembly, the President of Azerbaijan, spoke about the country's successes in socio-economic development and support of cultural diversity and said that while Security Council resolutions calling for the withdrawal of Armenian troops from its territory have been ignored, Azerbaijan remains an “engaged” Member of the United Nations.

Rise of populism in the West, linked to loss of “influence”: expert

The emergence of a new nationalism in some Western countries, can be linked to the general feeling that they’re losing “influence and hegemony” in the world, according to the CEO of a think tank called Global Compass.

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Silk Road exchanges valuable today: UNESCO expert

An ancient trading route could help people to rethink ideas about migration or even conflict, according to an expert with the UN cultural agency, UNESCO.

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Azerbaijan forum seeks to build bridges through dialogue

Promoting a world where thoughtful debate serves as a bridge to unite people is the goal of a three-day conference taking place  in Azerbaijan.

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