Atul Khare

Improving safety "best way" to honour fallen peacekeepers

Sixty blue helmets were killed in attacks in 2017; nearly double the figure for the past two years.

That’s according to senior UN official Atul Khare, who reported that overall, 123 personnel died while serving at peacekeeping missions this year.

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'Extremely critical' to fill peacekeeping 'gaps'

It is “extremely critical” that major “gaps” in equipment and staff needed to maintain UN peacekeeping operations are filled “in the shortest possible time”.

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Central African Republic needs UN support amidst “volatile” security

The Central African Republic (CAR) needs direct and indirect support from the UN Mission there amidst a continuing “volatile” security situation.

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"Protectors" can’t be allowed to become "predators"

United Nations peacekeepers can’t be allowed to become sexual predators, said the UN field support chief on Friday.

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