First Person: Looking to the skies to understand the climate crisis

Could studying the cosmos help us to fight the climate crisis? Two astronomers at the University of Hawaii think that knowledge of the solar system may help to slow down the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Astronomy reaches for stars in climate change debate

The study of astronomy can “shed light” on the challenges the planet faces from climate change; according to a professor at the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy.

Professor John Tonry says astronomers are in a good position to correct widely held misconceptions about how the Earth’s atmosphere is changing.

Daniel Dickinson began by asked Professor Tonry what astronomy can tell us about climate change.

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UN to mark Galileo’s first use of telescope to unlock mysteries on universe

The United Nations will mark the 400th anniversary next year of Galileo’s use of the telescope to gaze at the stars by focusing its attention on stimulating interest worldwide, especially among young people, in astronomy and science.