UN General Assembly approves resolutions on fisheries and Law of the Sea

The United Nations General Assembly today called on countries that have not yet done so to become a party to the Law of the Sea regarding jurisdiction over national and international waters, as well as the seabed, and to maintain sustainable fisheries.

General Assembly adopts convention on electronic communications in contracting

Updating international trade law to take account of new technologies, the United Nations General Assembly has adopted a new convention on using electronic communications in international contracting, superseding law negotiated before the development of e-mail and the Internet.

Assembly president says Human Rights Council negotiations could wind up next month

United Nations General Assembly President Jan Eliasson today expressed the hope that consultations on a new and strengthened human rights body, proposed by Secretary-General Kofi Annan and authorized by the World Summit in September, will be wound up by the end of next month to allow a seamless transition from the existing Commission on Human Rights.

General Assembly President outlines progress on UN World Summit issues

United Nations Member States are ready to step up talks on decisions made by world leaders at the September 2005 World Summit in New York in the areas of peace-building, terrorism, human rights, development and UN management, the President of the General Assembly said today.