UN officials preview possible outcome of summit on development, UN reform

With the General Assembly’s 2005 World Summit less than six weeks away, senior United Nations officials today presented an early look at what global leaders might adopt when they gather in September to mark the world body’s sixtieth anniversary and forge a new global consensus on development, security, human rights and UN reform.

Thailand's name picked to set seating arrangement for General Assembly session

In an annual ceremony performed in advance of an upcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly, Thailand was selected to occupy a front-row spot that will determine the order of seating in the General Assembly Hall during the sixtieth session of the UN's main deliberative body that begins in September.

Work resumes on UN treaty to protect rights of persons with disabilities

With more than 600 million people suffering from disabilities worldwide, a special United Nations committee today began a new two-week session in a bid to finalize the first-ever global convention enshrining equality and non-discrimination for affected persons.