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UN Photo/Lucy Dean

Indigenous women in Philippines need to "assert their rights"

Indigenous women in the Philippines have “many problems,” including a lack of recognition of their ancestral land rights, so they need to be empowered in order to stand up for those rights, a human rights advocate has urged.

Angelina Baltazar – Ortiz, an Indigenous Mansaka woman from the Compostela Valley in the Philippines, was at UN headquarters for the 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women.

UN Photo/Lucy Dean

Peacekeeper says women can “do much more” in UN peace operations

Women peacekeepers have the power to do “much more" in peacekeeping operations and also in encouraging post-conflict resolution.

That’s according to Lieutenant Colonel Ratih Pusparini, an Indonesian “blue helmet” who has served with UN peacekeeping missions in Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Lebanon.

The Lieutenant Colonel participated in a recent panel discussion at UN headquarters about the role of women in peacekeeping.