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UN’s top envoy warns Great Lakes Region is ‘at a crossroads’ 

Speaking at a Security Council meeting on the situation in Africa’s Great Lakes region on Wednesday, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy, Huang Xia, told ambassadors that the countries concerned now stand “at a crossroads”.  

News in Brief 13 August 2021

  • Fast-moving Afghanistan crisis ‘has hallmarks of humanitarian catastrophe'
  • UN health agency WHO urges support for new COVID-19 origins studies
  • Widespread DRCongo sexual abuse alert from UNHCR
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News in Brief 16 July 2021

  • Cuba: Bachelet calls for release of detained protesters, urges dialogue
  • Deadly flooding in Europe and heatwaves highlight need for climate action: WMO
  • DRCongo’s Beni city attacked for first time in 2 years: UNHCR
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News in Brief 4 June 2021

  • WHO appeal for 250 million COVID shots
  • Dozens killed in brutal DRC attacks on displaced people
  • Arrests of LGBTI rights defenders in Ghana, condemned by UN experts
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Grave concern for women and children targeted in northern Mozambique

Disturbing reports of targeted attacks against civilians have continued to emerge from the northern Mozambique town of Palma, marking a serious escalation of violence and volatility in the Cabo Delgado region.

Iraqi citizens at risk and struggling to return to normal life: UN envoy

Civilians in Iraq are living under constant threat of mines and explosives, the UN has said.

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System needed to remove children from Colombian armed groups

A system to release children from armed groups in Colombia needs to be set up as soon as possible, according to the UN’s most senior envoy in the country.

It follows a commitment made by FARC, Colombia’s largest rebel group, to stop the recruitment of children under the age of 18.

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