Armed Conflict

UN humanitarian coordinator condemns Central African Republic hospital attack as 'inhuman and unworthy'

Weapon-toting militiamen forced their way into a hospital in the conflict-ridden Central African Republic (CAR) on Saturday; an act that was condemned by the United Nations humanitarian coordinator on the ground, as  “an outrageous violation of international humanitarian law.”

“Be serious about resources” for reintegrating child soldiers: UN expert

The UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict has bemoaned the call of the international community to integrate child soldiers into society without providing the necessary financial resources.

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Darfur “very different place from 2003,” says head of UN-AU Mission

The Darfur region of Sudan is a very different place from what it was like in 2003 when the armed conflict began, the head of the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has said.

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INTERVIEW: UN marks 20 years of work to improve protection of children affected by conflict

The senior United Nations advocate for children caught up in conflict is reaching out to parents, elders, and the entire international community to keep children away from armies and militias – a UN role that over the past two decades has helped more than 115,000 child soldiers regain their youth.

Former child soldiers are victims not “security threats”

Former child soldiers should be treated as victims and not security threats in the year ahead, the UN special envoy for children and armed conflict has urged.

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Iraqi citizens at risk and struggling to return to normal life: UN envoy

Civilians in Iraq are living under constant threat of mines and explosives, the UN has said.

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Call for wider protection for children caught in armed conflict

Despite an ever-changing global security landscape, children continue to pay the highest price in wartime.

That was the message delivered by the UN Secretary-General to the Security Council on Tuesday.

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Security Council holds open debate on children affected by conflict

Unspeakable acts of cruelty have been committed against children caught in the conflict in South Sudan, including rape, castration and being burned alive.

These are just some of the ways children pay the price when war, political turmoil and other violence erupts in their homelands.

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Child rights being violated in conflict situations with total impunity, says UN official

The rights of children are being violated in conflict situations with total impunity, a United Nations official said today, as she presented a report on grave abuses committed against children in places such as Iraq, Syria, South Sudan, Nigeria and the Central African Republic (CAR).

Somalia: UN official urges African Union troops to minimize child casualties

A senior United Nations official today urged the African Union to strengthen its efforts to minimize child casualties in their operations after several children lost their lives earlier this week in Somalia.