Antonio Guterres

News in Brief 26 June 2017

UN chief calls for collective action against drug abuse

Countries are being urged by the UN Secretary-General to honour their commitments to address drug abuse and trafficking.

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News in Brief 19 June 2017 (AM)

First ever official refugee named Ambassador for UNICEF

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News in Brief 15 June 2017 (PM)

Secretary-General welcomes new resolution on UN counter-terrorism office

A General Assembly resolution adopted on Thursday will establish a new United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism.

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News in brief 26 April (PM)

Innovation turns problems into progress, UN says on World IP Day

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Guterres launches personal appeal for Yemen

Two-thirds of the Yemeni population are in need of emergency support and now is the time to help them, said UN

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News in Brief 12 April 2017 (PM)

International Day of Human Space Flight celebrates international cooperation

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UN chief visits camp for people displaced by severe drought in Somalia

A severe drought is currently placing Somalia on the brink of famine but “there is a chance to avoid the worse” the UN Secretary-General has warned.

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The world can avoid a tragedy in Somalia, UN chief urges

The world can avoid a tragedy in Somalia like the one that happened in 2011, the UN Secretary-General urged on Tuesday, in reference to a famine that was concentrated in the south-central part of the country at the time.

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News in Brief 7 March 2017 (AM) – Geneva

Somalia: action needed urgently to avoid famine, says OCHA

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