Animals “even more affected” by disasters than people

When it comes to dealing with disasters, such as the deadly flooding in Colombia and Peru in recent days, animals are “even more affected” than people.

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“Don’t politicize data,” sustainable entrepreneur urges

Eco-friendly innovators need to use clear and un-politicized data to “let people understand” the environmental impact of their actions.

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On International Tiger Day, UN calls for urgent action against illegal wildlife trade

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific today marked International Tiger Day with a call for urgent action to protect tigers and combat illegal trade in wildlife.

Cooperation vital to combating wildlife crime, says UN Assembly President

The President of the United Nations General Assembly called today for a coordinated international response to the trafficking of wildlife that took aim at the both the supply and demand side of poaching and the illegal trade in animals.

‘It’s time to get serious about wildlife crime’ UN proclaims on World Wildlife Day

Illegal wildlife trade undermines rule of law, degrades ecosystems and severely hampers the efforts of rural communities striving to sustainably manage their natural resources, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today as the United Nations marked World Wildlife Day.

UN environmental agency awards biologist for reducing human-animal conflict

A British biologist today received a United Nations award for her work using the diminutive bee to thwart the world’s largest land animal, the elephant, from crop-raiding in Kenya.

UN declares deadly cattle plague eradicated after global campaign

The United Nations today declared that the world has completely eradicated a cattle disease that has killed millions of bovines for millennia. It is the first animal disease to be officially declared eradicated – and only the second disease ever, after smallpox.

Namibia’s handling of rift valley fever can serve as example to others – UN official

A top United Nations official has applauded Namibia for taking swift and effective action to halt the spread of Rift Valley Fever during recent outbreaks, adding that other countries can learn valuable lessons from its experience.

Devastating cattle plague to be purged within 18 months, announces UN agency

A deadly and highly infectious animal disease which affects cattle and other hoofed livestock is set to be only the second virus in history, behind small pox in 1980, to be eliminated from the face of the Earth, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) announced today.

UN helping Philippines tackle first-ever Ebola outbreak in pigs

The Philippine Government has asked the United Nations for help in tackling what appears to be the first publicly reported outbreak of the deadly Ebola-Reston virus in pigs, which has attacked hog farms in the South-East Asian nation.