Cross-cutting efforts to build up security across Somalia

Al Shabbab terrorists continue to undermine security across Somalia as the government tries to build up its institutions and make the country more economically self-sufficient.

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“Huge sense of anticipation” ahead of Somalia presidential vote

There is “a huge sense of anticipation” in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, ahead of presidential elections on Wednesday, according to UN Special Representative in the country, Michael Keating.

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Somali youths fight against “rampant” gender-based violence

Somali youths must unite to help eradicate “rampant” sexual and gender-based violence in the country.

That was the call from one young speaker at a recent symposium held in Mogadishu, organized by a key UN partner in the east African state, that’s recovering from decades of war.

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Somalia readying for extraordinary electoral process

The upcoming electoral process in Somalia could mark a watershed moment for the country, the Security Council heard on Tuesday.

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Security Council to strengthen African force in Somalia, signals eventual UN deployment

Renewing the authorization of the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia today, the Security Council called for action to bolster those troops, while signalling its intention to establish a United Nations force, when conditions permit, in the Horn of Africa country that has lacked a functioning central government since 1991.