Accord hailed as “ground-breaking first step” in US-Cuba relations

An accord reached between the US and Cuba has been hailed as a “ground-breaking first step” in normalizing relations between the two countries.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union or IPU, a UN partner organization, released the statement on Thursday calling the move a “major breakthrough”.

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UN’s anti-torture watchdog cautions US

The United States has been under the human rights spotlight as Human Rights Council investigators look into several contentious policy areas including prisoner detention at Guantanamo Bay and the question of torture committed

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Young Haitian girls empowered through "men's" jobs

Young Haitian girls are being empowered through a project which trains them to do jobs traditionally reserved for men.

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Grenada farmers transform their ideas into viable businesses

Small-scale farmers in Grenada are planting everything from cherries to the so-called miracle herb “moringa” as part of efforts to create new export crops and reinvigorate the island’s agricultural sector.

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Child poverty increases in the world’s most wealthy nations: UN

Child poverty has increased in many of the world’s wealthy nations because of the impact on households of the 2008 global financial crisis.

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Meeting in Jamaica seeks to unlock Caribbean economic growth

Senior government ministers are meeting in Montego Bay, Jamaica, later this week to discuss ways to unlock economic growth in the Caribbean region.

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Women of Antigua and Barbuda “heart and soul” of conservation work

Women have always been the “heart and soul” of conservation and environmental work on the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda.

That’s according to Helena Brown, A Technical Coordinator in the state’s Ministry of Health and Environment.

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Haitians need better access to clean water, sanitation to fight cholera

More than 30 people are infected with cholera every day in Haiti despite the progress the Caribbean country has made fighting it, according to the World Bank.

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Barbados Foreign Minister: “We are a government leading by example”

Barbados is “leading by example” in its transition to a green economy, according to Foreign Minister Maxine McClean.

Government buildings are already using renewable energy solutions.

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Economic situation remains most critical issue for CARICOM

Caribbean countries remain economically vulnerable and require continued support, according to the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community Secretariat, CARICOM.

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