THE LID IS ON: The dignity of work, Louisiana style 

A photography project to document the ‘humanity, and quiet dignity’ of workers in the United States has been launched by the UN’s specialized agency, the International Labour Organization (ILO). 

The aim of the project, which comes as ILO celebrates its 100th birthday, is to look at the working lives of Americans across the country and listen to their hopes and fears for the future. 

For this edition of our flagship podcast show, The Lid is On, Daniel Dickinson joined ILO on the road as it reached the southern US state of Louisiana.   

Music credit: Audiobinger, Rise and Shine 

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‘Humanity, quiet dignity’ of workers profiled in US-wide photo project

A small paddle-boat with two men on board finds its way through a green but muddy field planted with rice on a 120-acre farm in Scott, in the US state of Louisiana. It lurches forward as one of the men plants little metal traps into the mud every ten feet or so.   

UN voices concern over ‘alarming pattern of violence’ in Latin American prisons

The United Nations today voiced concern over the recent wave of violence in Latin American prisons, citing overcrowding, a lack of access to basic services, judicial delays, and excessive pre-trial detention as some of the causes which have worsened conditions in detention facilities.

Level playing field key to tackling inequality in Latin America, says World Bank

Levelling opportunities will be key to development in Latin America, where 15 to 50 per cent of total income inequality is due to factors such as gender, race, place of birth and parents’ education and occupation, according to a new report released by the World Bank.

Lack of birth certificates deny millions of Latin American children services - UN

With millions of Latin American children excluded from health and education services because they lack birth certificates and do not therefore legally exist, the United Nations is participating in the first ever region-wide meeting convened to address the problem under the slogan “Write me down, make me visible.”

Crime and inequality still holding back Central America – Ban Ki-moon

Twenty years after a landmark peace process helped end decades of conflict across Central America, the region has posted impressive gains but still faces daunting challenges that include deep income inequality and persistent crime, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.

Promoting human development, UNDP chief embarks on visit to Central America

To learn first-hand of the obstacles to development facing Central America, the head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is on a ten-day tour of the region.

80,000 young die every year in Latin America, Caribbean due to family violence – UN

Scores of thousands of children and adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean die every year because of violence related to a combination of extreme economic and social inequalities, the predominant culture of “machismo” and failure to implement existing legal protection, according to a United Nations-led study.

UN works with DHL to launch quick response team for disasters in Latin America, Caribbean

United Nations partnerships with the private sector aimed at speeding up relief aid for areas in crisis took a further step forward today with the inauguration of a disaster response team (DRT) to cover emergencies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

UN agency advances international efforts to resettle Latin American refugees

International efforts to resettle hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people across Latin America took a step forward this month with a landmark meeting held by the Latin American arm of the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR).