Domestic inquiries into extrajudicial killings insufficient, UN expert stresses

An independent United Nations human rights expert today stressed the need for international inquiries into serious allegations of extrajudicial executions in cases where national probes have been insufficient, citing examples relating to the Gaza Strip and Sri Lanka.

UN independent expert voices concerns over the practice of targeted killings

A United Nations independent human rights expert today sounded the alarm about the practice of targeted killings, saying it had a tenuous legal basis and could undermine the rules that aim to prevent extrajudicial executions and guarantee people the right to life.

Colombia takes steps on killings but security forces still culpable – UN expert

Colombia, long buffeted by armed conflict and serious human rights violations, has made efforts to reduce extrajudicial killings, but the country’s security forces have continued to be been implicated in many murders, a United Nations independent human rights expert said today.

UN human rights expert urges China to cancel planned execution

A United Nations human rights expert today urged China to cancel the scheduled execution of a man convicted of drug trafficking, saying there are strong signs that he suffers from mental illness and that this was not taken into account during sentencing.

UN rights expert voices concern over use of unmanned drones by United States

The use of pilot-less drones by the United States to target militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan will be regarded as a breach of international law unless Washington can demonstrate that it follows the appropriate precautions and accountability mechanisms, an independent United Nations human rights expert warned.