Agriculture must revert to more natural, local production – UN-backed report

Modern agricultural practices have exhausted land and water resources, squelched diversity and left poor people vulnerable to high food prices, even though they are also highly productive, according to a report announced by the United Nations scientific agency today.

Arab nations should invest oil revenues in agriculture, says senior UN official

The head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today urged Arab countries to invest oil profits into boosting agriculture in their region, which has to tackle with such challenges as food insecurity, land degradation and water scarcity.

UN agency says global food standards offer opportunities too for the developing world

A proliferation of standards and codes relating to the growing and supply of foods has generated increasing challenges for developing countries to penetrate markets in richer States but good agricultural practices can also help the developing world cope with globalization, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which wants to help create a “win-win” solution for all parties.

UN’s agricultural development agency awards nearly $300 million in loans and grants

The United Nations agricultural development agency has approved almost $300 million in loans and grants to back rural assistance projects in 16 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Developing countries to play growing role in world agricultural trade – UN report

Although farm production is expanding faster in developing countries than in developed economies, the poorest nations will be increasingly dependent on world markets and thus more vulnerable to price fluctuations because their own growth is not keeping pace with their population increase, according to a new United Nation report.

Developing countries need help in preserving vital agricultural biodiversity – UN study

With crucial agricultural genetic resources at risk, developing countries should be enabled to fully exploit biotechnology tools to stop the decline of biodiversity and use their wealth of such resources as an insurance against climatic and other changes, according to a new United Nations study released today.

Rising global food trade competition set to depress prices, UN-backed report

Global competition among exporters of wheat, rice, oilseeds, sugar and livestock is expected to intensify over the next 10 years among both developed and developing countries, resulting in a further drop in real prices for most basic food commodities, according to a new United Nations-backed report released today.

Inequality in Asia and policy gaps in Africa impede rise out of poverty, UN says

Increasing social inequality in parts of Asia and the lack of beneficial policies and institutions in West and Central Africa are creating unique challenges to poverty eradication, senior officials from the United Nations agricultural fund said today in Rome.

Agriculture prices decline, devastating countries that export single product – UN report

The prices of farm products have declined, devastating the economies of the least developed countries dependent on exporting one or two commodities and depressing incomes in the rural areas of many countries, but also improving the diets of urban residents, the United Nations agricultural agency says in a new report.

African States must give high priority to agricultural research to cut hunger – UN

With more than 850 million people worldwide suffering from chronic hunger, the head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today urged African countries to give high priority to agricultural research and development to meet the goal of halving the number of hungry by 2015.