Agnes Kalibata

UN chief announces major push to transform harmful food systems

The UN chief António Guterres set out a new plan to transform the world’s food systems on Monday - coinciding with the start of World Food Week - which will culminate in a major summit, scheduled to take place in September next year.

‘Hunger is a solvable problem’: UN envoy’s plan to transform food systems for all

Agnes Kalibata, the former Rwandan Minister for Agriculture, has been tasked with leading the first-ever UN Food Systems Summit. In an interview with UN News, she outlined her vision for a transformed international system that is more resilient, fairer, and less harmful to the planet.

World hunger problem can be overcome: UN envoy

In an interview with Conor Lennon from UN News, Agnes Kalibata, responsible for running the first-ever UN Food Systems Summit., outlined the ways that food systems are negatively impacting the world.

She began by explaining why it is so important to tackle the issue.

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