UN community makes New York's diversity more 'vibrant' – new report

Contributing to the 'vibrant diversity' of New York, the United Nations, its agencies and staff not only generated $3.69 billion in total economic output for the City, the UN community also supported nearly 8,000 jobs and brought in more than 30,000 visitors to attend meetings, according to the 2016 UN Economic Impact Report that was released today.

Work must begin immediately on new development agenda

The previous two weeks of intense activity at United Nations headquarters were an “historic” convergence of high-level events, said the spokesperson for the President of the UN General Assembly.

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Adopting agenda, General Assembly decides to move up debate on terrorism

Adopting a 176-item agenda for its annual session that opened last week the day after the terrorist attacks against the United States, the United Nations General Assembly today decided to move rapidly into a plenary debate on combating terrorism.