As southern Africa faces hungry holiday season, UN agencies call for urgent aid

As more than 9 million southern Africans face hunger over the holiday season while much of the rest of the world feasts, United Nations agencies today pleaded for immediate donor aid to continue feeding the hungriest.

Top UN relief official pleads for Security Council political action in Africa

The top United Nations humanitarian relief official today pleaded for the Security Council to take urgent political and security measures to stem crises resurgent in Darfur, south Sudan, Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, so that humanitarian efforts will not be overwhelmed by violence and Governmental problems.

Sustainable job growth is key to poverty reduction in Africa: UN report

Despite strong economic growth from higher prices for oil and other commodities, high unemployment remains endemic in Africa and poverty will not be arrested until millions of new jobs are created each year, according to a new UN report.

UN relief office gathers data on possible aid needs after quake in East Africa

The United Nations emergency relief office is gathering information on the level of assistance that may be required after an earthquake struck the Lake Tanganyika region of East Africa today.

To secure lasting progress in Africa, Annan calls for support to its youth

If Africa's youth are to realize their potential, they need education, employment, access to technology, financing for development and governments that encourage the rule of law and human rights, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today to a weekend meeting that included France and African countries.

UN senior official will represent Annan at Africa-France summit

United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari will attend the 23rd Summit of Heads of State and Government of Africa and France this weekend, focusing on harnessing the vitality, creativity and aspirations of African youth.

Security Council mission recommends dozens of peacebuilding actions for Central Africa

Fresh from a fact-finding mission across Central Africa, the United Nations Security Council has recommended dozens of actions it must take in and around the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to put in place measures for sustained peace and to make the most expensive elections the world body has ever helped to organize both free and fair.

Marking African Industrialization Day, Annan calls for better trade conditions

Ahead of African Industrialization Day, to be observed on Sunday, 20 November, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is calling for the elimination of trade barriers and the improvement of the African business environment.

In planned visit to Central Africa, Security Council to spotlight potential for peace

Aiming to spotlight the potential for peace in Central Africa, the United Nations Security Council has announced plans to visit five countries in the region, which is largely recovering from ethnic and territorial conflict.

Environmental dividend from debt cancellation discussed at UN-backed meeting

The question of how to use funds derived from debt cancellation to benefit the environment is being discussed by African ministers, along with banking officials and development partners, at a United Nations-backed meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.