African urbanization creates opportunity for rural farmers: FAO

Rapid urbanization in Africa is creating opportunities to strengthen rural economies, as demand for food rises in cities and towns.

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Ugandan entrepreneur stresses importance of education for impoverished children

A Ugandan woman has been speaking at the UN about how education has turned her life around, from being condemned by some as a “useless person” to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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Labour rights a must for future US-Africa trade deals

Future trade agreements between the US and Sub-Saharan African countries could become a “powerful” tool to enforce labour standards, a senior UN official has said.

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People with albinism "fear attack from relatives"

A surge in attacks has been reported against people with albinism in several African countries in the run-up to national elections, a UN human rights expert has warned.

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$ 2 billion needed to fight hunger in Sahel

Close to US$2 billion are needed to address the food and malnutrition crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa, according to the UN.

20 million people in the Sahel are currently food insecure, the humanitarian envoy for the region has warned on Thursday.

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