Search for peace in Afghanistan must be led by the country's people – Ban

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today that the search for peace through a political process in Afghanistan must be led by the people of that country themselves, and pledged United Nations' continued support for the efforts to restore security.

UN-backed polio immunization campaign under way in Afghanistan

A United Nations-supported national campaign to immunize an estimated 7.8 million children in Afghanistan against polio kicked off today in an effort to eradicate the contagious viral disease which causes paralysis.

Afghanistan: UN experts urge stepped-up supervision of US security contractors

A United Nations group of independent human rights experts today called for stronger supervision of United States private security contractors working in Afghanistan and elsewhere, welcoming a recent US report into the role and oversight of these companies.

UN condemns killing of poll candidate and campaign workers in Afghanistan

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan today condemned the killing of a fourth parliamentary election candidate in the western province of Herat and the murder of five men supporting the electoral campaign of a female candidate in the same region.

UN welcomes Pakistan’s move to extend validity of Afghan registration cards

The top United Nations officials for refugees today welcomed Pakistan’s decision to extend the validity of official identification cards for 1.7 million registered Afghans whose cards had expired at the end of December 2009.

UN to select two international experts for Afghanistan’s poll complaints body

The United Nations will select two international experts to serve in Afghanistan’s election complaints commission ahead of legislative polls scheduled in September, the newly-appointed head of the UN mission in the country said today.