UN calls for release of its three abducted workers in Afghanistan

A United Nations spokesman in Afghanistan today issued an impassioned appeal for the immediate release of three international workers who were abducted on 28 October.

Ballot counting proceeds apace in Afghanistan – UN

Some 80,000 ballots in Afghanistan's historic presidential election have already been tallied, and the process is proceeding at a steady pace, a United Nations spokesman announced today.

Experts gather for UN meeting to tackle flow of heroin from Afghanistan

United Nations officials and senior policy-makers from around the world are meeting today in Vienna to discuss how to halt or reduce the rising flood of heroin being exported from Afghanistan.

Afghans turn out for historic elections, with 'uncoordinated' attacks reported

Refugees from Afghanistan living in camps and residents of the war-torn nation cast their ballots today in an historic presidential poll amid sporadic violence that officials said was unsystematic.

Afghanistan finalizes preparations for historic presidential election – UN mission

A day before Afghans go to the polls to cast a vote for president for the first time in their history, the final preparations for the elections have been completed, the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) said today.

Winner of Afghan presidential poll can hold claim to popular will, UN envoy says

The winner of this Saturday’s presidential election in Afghanistan – the first in its history – can claim to genuinely represent the nation, despite the limitations surrounding the poll process, the senior United Nations envoy to the country said today.

As momentum builds towards Afghanistan's elections, refugees turn out to register

With Afghanistan just a week away from its historic, first-ever presidential elections, hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled the country to neighbouring Pakistan are signing up for the vote.