News In Brief 04 July 2018

  • Mali facing ‘alarming’ rise in rights violations, warns UN expert
  • 'Deep concern' over Chinese rights activist’s health
  • Syria’s Yarmouk is a ‘hell-hole in utter ruins’: UNRWA
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From pariah, to pride and joy: how one girl narrowly escaped FGM

Rescued from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by her mother just hours before the ceremony, Purity Oyie was forced to flee and become a pariah.

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Award-winning Pakistani woman filmmaker on a mission to provoke 'difficult conversations'

Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a two time Academy award winner and women’s rights activist says that she is on a mission to force “difficult conversations” that her own society needs to have.

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A wish for every child with disabilities 'to have a fair chance'

Children with disabilities deserve to have the same rights as everyone else, which is something that will have a “tremendous impact” on society as a whole.

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“I have always lived in fear”, young Sri Lanka activist says

The trauma of war still lingers with Sri Lankans whether they have been affected directly or not, an activist from the country told a meeting at the UN.

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UN and Africa: focus on South Sudan, Zimbabwe and Central African Republic

Probe into South Sudan July attacks points to “lack of leadership”

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A voice from the desert appeals for peace and unity

Borders established by colonial powers in North Africa created new nations but devastated the region’s indigenous people, according to an activist from Libya.

Akli Sh’kka said his people, the Tuareg, are still experiencing the fallout from what he characterises as a “crime.”

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Older women in Kenya struggling to make ends meet

Older women in Kenya who are struggling to make ends meet and to care for themselves must be better supported by their government.

That’s according to Esther Wamera, a Kenyan activist and leader for the elderly.

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UN rights chief voices concern about safety of Chinese activist and his family

The United Nations human rights chief today voiced concern about the welfare of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, and the safety of his family members, following his reported escape from house arrest.

Top UN rights official dismayed at restrictions over Chinese Nobel peace winner

The United Nations human rights chief today expressed dismay over restrictions by China on the wife and associates of jailed activist Liu Xiaobo, who was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, and reiterated her call for his release.