Podcast: Japanese pioneer reflects on her first “business trip” to space

Astronaut Chiaki Mukai broke all the way through Earth’s stratosphere to become the first Japanese woman in space.

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UN and Africa: UN volunteers, land policies for the “Africa we want” and space technology

Raising the profile of UN Volunteers in Sudan

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Space technology critical to SDG success in Africa: Kenyan scientist

Although space-based applications are helping African countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (

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UN conference inspires Nepal award for women in science

A UN-sponsored conference on space and sustainable development has inspired the creation of an award for women scientists in Nepal.

That’s according to Manisha Dwa with the Nepal Astronomical Society, based in the capital, Kathmandu.

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Space technology helping UNDP to improve lives of people in need

Space-based applications and technologies are helping the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to deliver its projects in a faster, more efficient and safer way, according to a senior official there.

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Dream Chaser® mission to take developing countries into space

The deadline is fast approaching for developing and emerging countries to get a chance to reach for the stars.

They are being encouraged to submit proposals for participation in the first-ever space mission that will contribute to global development efforts.

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Sharing space resources helps sustainable development

Countries that have developed space technologies and services must do more to share these resources with other nations, according to the head of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization.

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UN making space-based data accessible to developing countries

Although high-resolution satellite images and other information derived from space-based technologies are critical to disaster response and recovery efforts, many governments believe these resources are out of their reach.

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Today’s youth still enthusiastic about space

With talk of missions to Mars and films such as “Hidden Figures” playing in cinemas across the world, outer space still remains a source of fascination for today’s youth.

That’s according to a representative of an NGO representing some 10,000 young people across the world.

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Dubai forum investigates role of space in development

Top officials from national space agencies, diplomats, academics, representatives from the private sector and others are meeting in Dubai this week to explore how they can help create a better world by 2030.

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