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Afghanistan: UN Mission urges restraint amid ongoing violent protests in Kabul

Photo: UNAMA/Fardin Waezi
UNAMA/Fardin Waezi
Photo: UNAMA/Fardin Waezi

Afghanistan: UN Mission urges restraint amid ongoing violent protests in Kabul

Peace and Security

The United Nations envoy for Afghanistan today called on protesters on the street of the nation's capital to use restraint and avoid violence, while expressing his understanding of their frustration over a string of terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds of civilians in recent months.

“The genuine anger expressed by the protesters, many of whom suffered the loss of family and friends, is fully understandable,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan. “But this tragic week has already added too much civilian suffering to Afghanistan, and further violence will not solve any problems.”

According to media reports, protesters took to the street of Kabul, following Wednesday's terrorist attack in the diplomatic quarter of the city that killed and injured many civilians. The protesters blaming the Afghan Government for not having been able to stop a string of attacks in the capital clashed with riot police on Friday.

Mr. Yamamoto, who is also the head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), recognized the constitutional right of those with grievances to express them peacefully in public demonstrations, but reminded those protesting, and also those in a position to protect the protestors, that all have an obligation to avoid violence.

“During the emotional period following the horrific attack that took place this week in Kabul, it is imperative to seek ways to listen to and voice grievances peacefully,” said Mr. Yamamoto, welcoming the Government's willingness to meet with those who have protested today.

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He said that UNAMA is encouraged that the Government of Afghanistan has stressed today that its security forces must ensure the principles of tolerance, professionalism and law-based behavior, welcoming the Government's commitment to prosecute and bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes against the people.

UNAMA assists the process of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.