Yemen: UN-mediated peace talks continue, with consensus on some issues

14 May 2016

In his latest update on the Yemeni peace talks currently under way in Kuwait, the United Nations envoy for the conflict-torn country reported that the two delegations discussed proposals to bridge the gap between their respective visions, reaching consensus on some issues.

“Progress is being achieved, albeit at a relatively slow pace,” said the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed.

The special envoy noted that the heads of the two delegations and other senior delegates discussed issues such as security arrangements and the political process needed to reach an agreement.

Calling on all parties to work towards finding a comprehensive solution as soon as possible, the special envoy said the issues being discussed are complicated, and it is imperative to “address them responsibly.”

“The two delegations have important decisions to consider in this critical period of Yemen's history,” he stressed.

The special envoy also met with several political representatives and diplomats, who he said reiterated the international community's constant support to the peace process.


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