President Mugabe urges those harbouring ill will for Zimbabwe to cast aside hostility, ‘open new chapter’

25 September 2014

Addressing the General Assembly today, Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, said social justice, political stability and sustainable development in African countries could best be achieved through genuine and committed support for the ownership of means of production that favour the poor.

“My Government has gone a long way in laying the foundation for sustained food production through our Land Reform Programme. The majority of rural people have been empowered to contribute to household, and to national food security,” Mr. Mugabe said, adding that households have also become the masters of their own destiny through increased possession and exploitation of land.

“Because Zimbabwe has thus been pre-occupied with the empowerment of its people economically, she has become a victim of the evil machinations of Western countries who continue to apply unilateral and illegal sanctions as a foreign policy tool to achieve short-term political objectives, particularly regime change, Mr. Mugabe said.

Denouncing regime change as a diabolical illegal policy of interference in the domestic affairs of Zimbabwe, he said “no good can come from undermining our economy, or depriving our citizens of the necessities of life. Why, I ask, should Zimbabweans continue to suffer under the yoke of unjustified and unwarranted illegal sanctions?”

Reiterating his long-standing call for the immediate removal of such measures, he said that Zimbabwe is a peaceful and peace-loving nation, ready to engage in constructive dialogue for mutually beneficial relations. “We call on those who continue to harbour ill will against us to cast away their hegemony-driven hostility as we appeal to them to review their hard positions and open a new chapter in their relations with us based on mutual respect and friendly cooperation.”

As for wider Africa, Mr. Mugabe said he firmly believes that the UN should promote dialogue to achieve peace, rule of law and common understanding among States. “Peace, security, stability and welfare of Africa and our sub-region is vital for us,” he said, noting that the African Union is working tirelessly to push for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Somalia. The international community must remain “intensively engaged” and support Africa in them maintenance of peace and stability.


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