Somalia: UN envoy shocked and saddened by ‘cowardly’ attack in Mogadishu

18 March 2013

The United Nations envoy in Somalia voiced shock and sadness at today’s car bombing in the capital, Mogadishu, which reportedly killed several people and wounded many more.

The bombing occurred near Villa Somalia in the vicinity of the National Theatre in Mogadishu, according to a news release issued by the UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS). Initial reports say that at least seven people were killed by a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. There are also reports that a senior Somali security official may have been targeted in the attack.

“Today’s assault was entirely unacceptable,” said the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and head of UNPOS, Augustine P. Mahiga.

“Somalia has made great strides forward on the path of progress and stabilization and these cowardly terrorist attacks will only reinforce the determination of the Somali people to persevere.”

Somalia, which has been affected by conflict for more than two decades, has recently made some significant political gains. It marked a historic political watershed last August when it swore in the first formal parliament and ended a nine-year political transition period, followed by the appointments of a new President and a new Prime Minister.

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