Afghanistan issues call at UN for end to State financing of terrorist groups

27 September 2010
Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul of Afghanistan

With his country enduring horrific terrorist violence on an almost daily basis, Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister underlined the need for both States and non-State actors to cut off their financing for Al-Qaida at the United Nations today.

Nearly nine years after the declaration of the so-called Global War on Terror, “the international community’s promise to the people of Afghanistan of a life free from the fear of the threat and exploitation of international terrorism remains unfulfilled,” Zalmai Rassoul told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate as it entered its fourth day.

The reality, he said, is that “terrorism and the ideologies of extremism and radicalism are spawned beyond the borders of Afghanistan.”

Despite the efforts of the country’s military allies, terrorists continue to penetrate Afghanistan’s borders, Dr. Rassoul said.

“As long as certain State and non-State actors provide Al-Qaida and its affiliated individuals and entities with sanctuary, arms and financing, they will remain formidable and murderous adversaries.”

Terrorism in the region poses an increasing threat to global peace and security, the Foreign Minister said.

“If our international partners and allies wish to win the global war on terrorism, they must look beyond villages in Afghanistan and engage in a strategy that will effectively and decisively dismantle organizations and networks that continue – with immunity – to support terrorist and radical militants,” he explained.

The scourge can only be overcome through a concerted global effort, the official said, noting that Afghanistan is cooperating with Pakistan and others in counter-terrorism activities.

“The people of Afghanistan have known too much violence and too much despair,” he said. “The Afghan people crave peace, stability and security.”


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