Gambian leader implores UN to end Western abuse of Africa

24 September 2009

The President of Gambia today called on the United Nations to step in and save Africa from the exploitation and discrimination it has suffered at the hands of the developed world, or the continent will take its own action.

“The UN must come to the rescue of Africa otherwise we Africans stand ready to liberate ourselves from this eternal bondage at any cost,” said President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh at the second day of the 64th annual General Assembly debate.

“We the Africans have been suffering for too long at the hands of the Westerners and we will put an end to this,” Mr. Jammeh told the Assembly, which has gathered at UN Headquarters in New York for its high-level debate.

The President of the small West African country said that powerful multi-national corporations – which he described as “locusts” – have exploited the continent’s natural resources for centuries, keeping at least 95 per cent of the profits for themselves.

Mr. Jammeh noted that only four African countries receive more than 3 per cent of the profits from the mining of their mineral resources, with the rest making even less from the companies.

In addition, he said that the excruciating debt burdening African nations, which very few rich countries have cancelled, consumes 80 per cent of the 3 to 5 per cent profit left to them by the multi-nationals.

“As from now the AU [African Union] would work towards ensuring that African nations and our farmers get their rightful share of our God-given natural and agricultural resources,” he said.

Stressing that it is “African sweat, blood, tears and natural resources that have built the North throughout almost five centuries of merciless and racist exploitation until today,” he said that we “will no longer accept less than 65 per cent royalty for our natural resources. Enough is enough.”

The President said that “by any means necessary” the new generation of African leaders would put an end to the degrading names they are called, such as “dictators, corrupt leaders, failed States and even rogue States.

“The world will not live in peace and security as long as this dehumanizing and racist status quo continues to prevail with regards to the continent of Africa and Africans,” he stated.

“We have been forced to endure this for far too long and now we are going to put an end to it as we have ended apartheid in South Africa; by force if need be. We will defend our humanity, our dignity, our resources, our interests and our culture as from now.”


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