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Secretary-General stresses role of religions in building peace

Secretary-General stresses role of religions in building peace

All of the world’s great religions have a critical role to play in building and cementing global peace, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has told a gathering of Asian religious figures today.

In a video message sent to the General Assembly of the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace, held at Manila, Mr. Ban called on the religions to work together with the UN to build peace.

“Asia is the cradle of great religions that share noble values pursued by all humanity – values such as mercy, justice and peace,” he said. “And yet mankind has created so many conflicts in the name of religion. That is why organizations like yours are so important.”

Mr. Ban noted that the UN had created the Alliance of Civilizations, which brings together religious leaders, governments, philanthropists, corporations, the media, academia and activists, for the same reasons.

“By working with a broad range of partners, in the UN and beyond the UN, the Alliance is addressing the conditions that allow extremism to fester, and helping to create the foundations for peace.”