Cooperatives have key role to play in combating climate change, says Ban

5 July 2008

Stressing the importance of cooperation in tackling global warming, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today underscored the part that in addressing the issue that can be played by cooperative enterprise.

“Every coordinated effort, no matter how small, can contribute to and form a larger, more powerful response,” Mr. Ban said in a message marking the International Day of Cooperatives, whose theme this year is “Confronting Climate Change through Cooperative Enterprise.”

He stressed that cooperatives have long taken an inclusive and longer-term approach to development locally.

“It is in keeping with this focus that cooperatives are expanding their development efforts creatively, into areas such as environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality, as communities around the world are struggling to adapt to climate change and strengthen their resilience against its impacts,” the Secretary-General noted.

He cited the example of such agriculture and energy sector cooperatives' abilities to concurrently address food and energy security locally as well as environmental deterioration.

“On this International Day, I strongly encourage Governments to carry out measures and regulations that will be supportive of partnerships with cooperative enterprises,” the message said. “Let us redouble our efforts to find new points of collaboration as we address the daunting challenge of climate change.”

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