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UN helping to train human rights workers in Sierra Leone

UN helping to train human rights workers in Sierra Leone

Newly recruited staff of the Human Rights commission of Sierra Leone gets lecture on human rights instruments
The United Nations is helping to train nearly two dozen newly-recruited human rights workers in Sierra Leone.

The UN Integrated Office in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) are taking part in preparing 23 new staff members of the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone.

The five-day induction, which began on 19 May, will provide a comprehensive understanding of the Commission’s mandate, as well as basic human rights concepts, standards and mechanisms at the national and international levels.

The training will also deal with transitional justice, focusing on the findings and recommendations of the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which, in 2004, made a number of recommendations regarding past abuses and violations and foster reconciliation in Sierra Leone, which is consolidating peace following a brutal, 11-year conflict.

Following this introductory session, UNIOSIL will continue to assist the Human Rights Commission organize training courses on themes such as: complaint handling and investigation; mediation and counseling; monitoring and investigation; and advocacy.