More than 100 States review global pact on nuclear weapons control – UN

9 May 2008

Over 100 States took part in a two-week meeting seeking to pave the way towards the review of the United Nations-backed Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which forms the foundation of the world’s nuclear non-proliferation regime.

This gathering, which wrapped up today, was the second of three sessions of the Preparatory Committee of the Parties to the Treaty on the NPT.

Participants held constructive discussions on substantive issues, such as nuclear non-proliferation, disarmament, nuclear weapon-free zones and the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The meeting ended with the adoption of a report detailing substantive and procedural issues.

Both the third session of the Committee, to be held from 4 to 15 May 2009, and the Review Conference, from 26 April to 21 May 2010, will take place in New York.

The UN serves as the Secretariat for the NPT.

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