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Head of UN unit on inter-cultural understanding looks to the future

Head of UN unit on inter-cultural understanding looks to the future

The head of the United Nations campaign for understanding between cultures, known as the Alliance of Civilizations, has visited the Organization’s New York Headquarters to discuss the initiative’s future plans with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other world leaders.

Jorge Sampãio, High Representative and former President of Portugal, presented the campaign’s annual report yesterday to Mr. Ban and discussed its role within the UN system.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Sampãio met with the 85 member governments and multilateral organizations that constitute the Alliance Group of Friends.

He briefed them on the follow-up to the Alliance of Civilizations Forum, held in Madrid in January, which launched projects aimed at promoting understanding among cultures in the areas of media and youth.

He also met with members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to discuss the growing problem of Islamophobia, stressing the important role that the Alliance could play in generating joint action to address this issue.

The Alliance of Civilizations campaign was launched by the UN in 2005 to help overcome prejudices between nations, cultures and religions.