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Senior UN official visits Nepal for human rights assessment

Senior UN official visits Nepal for human rights assessment

United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Kyung-wha Kang kicked off a five-day trip to Nepal today to assess the rights situation in the landlocked South Asian nation.

Kyung-wha Kang visited Nepalgunj, in the country’s south-west, and met with civil society organizations, lawyers and representatives of the Nepal Police to discuss issues of gender and discrimination. While in the city, she learned about the case of Hasrun Idrisi, a woman allegedly attacked and burned by family members over dowry issues.

The largest field presence of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in the world is in Nepal, with seven offices in the country. Prioritizing the bolstering of women’s rights, OHCHR has been monitoring and investigating cases of violence against women as well as advocating for justice for victims.

During her trip, Ms. Kang hopes to see OHCHR’s activities on the ground first-hand. In addition to meeting with the National Human Rights Commission’s regional office, she will also hold talks with representatives of the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN).

Yesterday, the top UN envoy to the country strongly condemned a bomb attack at a rally promoting the upcoming Constituent Assembly elections, saying violence and intimidation are inconsistent with the country’s transition to democracy.

“Political differences must be resolved through peaceful means,” Ian Martin, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative, said in a press statement. “I have no doubts that acts of terror will discredit whatever cause they are claimed to promote with the Nepalese people as well as the international community.”