Assembly President underscores necessity of cooperation in countering terrorism

Assembly President underscores necessity of cooperation in countering terrorism

The United Nations General Assembly President said today that global cooperation is crucial in tackling terrorism, which he characterized as “one of the most serious threats to international peace and security.”

GA President Srgjan Kerim convened an informal meeting – also attended by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – at UN Headquarters in New York.

Participants gathered to review the implementation of the historic UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, adopted last September, which includes practical steps at the local, national and international level – ranging from strengthening the capacity of individual States to prevent and combat terrorism to ensuring that human rights and the rule of law are always respected in the fight against terrorism.

“Countering terrorism is a daunting challenge that we can only overcome by working together in partnership,” Mr. Kerim said in remarks at the meeting’s start. “If we do not act now, the magnitude of the threat could grow and affect many more innocent people.”

To honour the memory of the victims of terrorism, the international community must join forces and respond to the scourge in unity, he added.

The President also underscored the importance of education and dialogue among religions and cultures in countering terrorism.

“We must put a stop to the misuse of religion in contemporary society, and reject extremist ideologies that threaten peace and understanding among nations and peoples,” he said, adding that the UN has a major role to play.

At the adoption of the Strategy – the first global and common approach to tackle terrorism – last year, Member States called for a formal assessment of its implementation in two years, and today’s meeting served as an informal mid-term review.