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Ban Ki-moon commends his high-level appointees for the many roles they play

Ban Ki-moon commends his high-level appointees for the many roles they play

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today hailed the work of his special and personal representatives and envoys, recognizing the multiple demands placed on men and women called to be diplomats, negotiators, managers and communicators all at the same time.

“As my representatives and envoys, you have multiple demands placed upon you – by the United Nations, by your other partners on the ground and in the global arena, and above all, by the countries, regions and people you are appointed to serve,” Mr. Ban said in a video message to a seminar in Mont Pèlerin, Switzerland.

“That means you have several roles to fulfil,” he told the gathering of some 60 high-level appointees, who are responsible for implementing mission mandates, personifying the UN in the areas where they serve, helping lead peace processes and heading up peace operations or political missions.

“And you are often the unifying force of UN activities in the field – of an extended and multi-faceted team. In short, you are required to be a diplomat, a negotiator, a manager and a communicator all at once,” Mr. Ban stated.

The Secretary-General added, “your advice, your recommendations and your insights – which you often have to arrive at while operating in difficult conditions – are of the utmost importance to me.”

Organized by the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), the three-day gathering provides the special and personal representatives and envoys an opportunity to share experiences, gain new perspectives and provide feedback to UN Headquarters.