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President of Comoros seeks UN involvement in ending political crises

President of Comoros seeks UN involvement in ending political crises

The President of the Comoros today called on the United Nations to help his country, an Indian Ocean archipelago, to resolve its political crises.

Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi spoke about the armed rebellion in Anjouan, which has led to a political crisis, and appealed for international help in finding a solution.

The rebels, he said, refused to comply with resolutions of the African Union (AU) and the recommendations of the international community relating to the holding of free and democratic elections in Anjouan.

The President thanked all of those bilateral and multilateral partners that had helped Comoros in seeking a solution. He also thanked the African Development Bank and other partners which had contributed to helping Comoros with its economic problems.

Regarding the island of Mayotte, he said that Comoros finds itself in opposition to France – a friendly country and key partner. He cautioned against the Balkanization of the Comoros.

Comoros sought a resolution to the situation, he said, calling for the free circulation of goods and people throughout the archipelago, including Mayotte.

The President voiced support for the address to the Assembly earlier this week by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who spoke about respect for diversity, national identity, religious beliefs and cultures.

He asked that the UN take up the question and seek a rapprochement between the two parties with a few to resolving the problem.

“I am convinced that we can, together, with the French authorities, find the ways and means of advancing the search for a just, lawful and definitive solution to this problem,” he declared.