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Quartet concerned at welfare of Palestinians affected by crisis – statement

Quartet concerned at welfare of Palestinians affected by crisis – statement

Members of the diplomatic Quartet – the United Nations, European Union, Russian Federation and United States – today voiced “deep concern over the welfare and security of all Palestinians, especially those in Gaza, whose lives have been most seriously affected by the ongoing crisis.”

Following a conference call on 15 June, Quartet Principals released a statement which also expressed the group’s support for efforts to meet the humanitarian needs of Palestinians and called for respect for the human rights of all those in Gaza and the safety and security of international workers.

In addition, the statement called for an urgent end to the violence, and the cooperation of all parties to ensure appropriate security and access conditions for the passage of humanitarian goods and personnel both within the Gaza Strip and at key crossing points.

The Quartet expressed “understanding and support for President Abbas’ decisions to dissolve the cabinet and declare an emergency, given the grave circumstances, the statement said.”

Recognizing the “necessity and legitimacy of these decisions, taken under Palestinian law,” the Quartet welcomed President Abbas’ stated intention to consult the Palestinian people at the appropriate time.

The statement also noted the Quartet’s “continuing support for other legitimate Palestinian institutions.”

The Quartet said it “supports the efforts of responsible regional states to help calm the situation, and will continue to promote a negotiated, comprehensive, just and lasting Middle East peace in line with relevant UN Security Council resolutions.”