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Accepting a commemorative painting, Annan hails US role in founding UN

Accepting a commemorative painting, Annan hails US role in founding UN

Accepting the gift of a painting that depicts the late United States President Harry Truman signing the United Nations Charter, Secretary-General Kofi today praised the US role of in founding and maintaining the world Organization.

“This gift is precious to the United Nations in several ways,” said Mr. Annan in a message delivered by Susan Markham, Director of Strategic Communications Division in the Department of Public Information.

“It comes from the Government of our host country, without which the United Nations could not have been born, and without which we could hardly exist today. And it depicts a singularly poignant moment in human history – the President of that country attending the signing of the Charter which sealed our creation.”

Recalling Mr. Truman’s stirring dedication to the UN and its founding goals of peace, development and human dignity, Mr. Annan said the mission remains the same after 60 years, but the world situation has changed.

“To achieve that mission in the 21st century, the UN must adapt to new realities, and be equipped to deal with new challenges,” he said, listing the wide range of current UN concerns, from fighting disease and environmental degradation to achieving the dream of “a just and peaceful global community.”

“It is the biggest test the United Nations faces in the new century,” Mr. Annan said of that dream. “It is a test Harry Truman would definitely want us to pass.”