Annan condemns Palestinian attack in Israel, calls for end to 'heinous crimes'

31 August 2004

The United Nations today strongly condemned the double deadly terrorist attack in the Israeli city of Beersheba, with Secretary-General Kofi Annan calling on the Palestinian Authority to do everything possible to bring the perpetrators to justice and "put an end to such heinous crimes."

In a statement released by his spokesman, Mr. Annan sent his deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims of the attack that killed at least 15 people and wounded many more.

The Security Council was briefed by the Secretariat on the terrorist attacks and issued a press statement saying the members "strongly condemned these bombings that resulted in the loss of innocent live."

The 15-member body also condemned all other acts of terrorism, "denounced the escalation of violence in the Middle East and called on all the parties for the continuation of the Middle East peace process," the Council President, Russian Ambassador Andrey Denisov, said.