UN announces establishment of Iraq’s Independent Electoral Commission

UN announces establishment of Iraq’s Independent Electoral Commission

Carina Perelli
The head of the United Nations electoral team in Baghdad today announced the formation of Iraq’s Independent Electoral Commission – the autonomous body that will guide the country towards polling set for January 2005.

In making the announcement, Carina Perelli congratulated the Iraqi people “for having moved the process of transition and self-determination a step further in the road towards a democratic, sovereign and peaceful Iraq.”

The Commission, she said, “is well balanced and represents the rich diversity of Iraq and its people.” Those serving are Ibrahim Ali Ali, Abdelhussein Yaqoub Aziz Al-Hindawi, Hmdia Abbas Muhamad Al-Hussaini, Souad Mohammed Jalal Shalal Al-Jabouri, Izdin Mohammed Shafiq Al-Mohammdy, Farid Ayar Mikhail Ayar and Mustafa Safwat Rashid Ghafour Sidqi. The Chief Electoral Officer is Adil Mohammed Alwan Allami.

These individuals were chosen following a participatory and transparent process marked by nominations from any Iraqi wishing to suggest candidates.

Ms. Perelli explained that a one-time system to be used for elections to the National Assembly will employ proportional representation viewing the whole of Iraq as a single district.

“This system will allow voters to cast their vote wherever they are” from certified lists, she said. “The principles that guided the design were inclusivity and possibility for disperse communities of interest to accumulate their votes.”