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States need help to report on Al-Qaida, Taliban sanctions - UN panel chair

States need help to report on Al-Qaida, Taliban sanctions - UN panel chair

Amb. Heraldo Muñoz
Countries are committed to the international sanctions against Al-Qaida, the Taliban and their associates but some lack adequate resources to fulfil their reporting obligations, according to the Chairman of the Security Council committee dealing with the issues.

In a letter to the Council released today, Ambassador Heraldo Muñoz of Chile notes that over 120 reports have been submitted by Member States.

Of those countries that have failed to document their work to implement the comprehensive sanctions, 15 offered written explanations for why they had not been able to submit reports.

"The Committee cannot conclude that non-reporting is necessarily a question of lack of will or a lack of dedication in the fight against Al-Qaida and the Taliban," the Chairman notes, pointing out that most countries planned to submit their documents soon.

"Most of the written explanations from non-reporting States cited a lack of resources, rendering it hard to submit the reports in a timely manner," he adds.

While a proper analysis of the reasons for non-reporting cannot be conducted on the basis of only 15 responses, the Chairman says he will provide information to the Council on the matter later this month.

Ambassador Muñoz also underscores the importance of the reports, saying they are "essential in the struggle against the scourge and threat that the individuals and entities concerned pose to the world community."