Security Council re-establishes panel to investigate embargo violations in Somalia

Security Council re-establishes panel to investigate embargo violations in Somalia

UN Security Council in session
Recognizing the important need to improve the implementation and monitoring of the arms embargo against Somalia, the United Nations Security Council today re-established for six months a panel of experts to investigate any violations of the ban.

The decision to extend the mandate of the Panel of Experts, to be based in Kenya, came after the Council considered a report submitted last month by the three-person panel stating that even after the signing of the Eldoret Declaration, most factions have continued to import or receive weapons in breach of the arms embargo against Somalia. Somali leaders who participated in last year's conference in Eldoret, Kenya, had rededicated themselves to the search for peace.

By unanimously adopting resolution 1474 today, the Council mandated the Panel to investigate the violations of the arms embargo, covering access to Somalia by land, air, sea and any other sources that might reveal helpful information.

The Panel was commissioned to identify those who continue to violate the arms ban both inside and outside Somalia as well as their active supporters. The Experts were also asked to research and assess the capacity of States in the region to implement fully the embargo, including through a review of national customs and border control regimes.

In addition, the Council authorized the Panel to make specific recommendations in areas of expertise related to violations and measures to strengthen the embargo. This includes exploring the possibility of establishing a monitoring mechanism with partners inside and outside Somalia, in close co-operation with regional and international organizations, specifically the African Union.

To ensure that the Experts discharge their mandate effectively, the Council has requested all Somali and regional parties to cooperate fully with the team and asked the Panel to immediately report any lack of cooperation.