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Security Council condemns violence in Somalia, calls for peace and relief access

Security Council condemns violence in Somalia, calls for peace and relief access

Council President Mamady Traoré
Expressing strong regret at the continued fighting in Somalia despite peace agreements, the United Nations Security Council today condemned the factions involved in the conflict and called for an immediate end to all acts of violence and safe access for all humanitarian personnel.

In a statement read out during a formal meeting by its President, Ambassador Mamady Traoré of Guinea, the Security Council reiterated its firm support for the Somali National Reconciliation Process and the ongoing Somali National Reconciliation Conference in Eldoret, Kenya.

"It is those that have weapons of war who continue to hold the people of Somalia hostage to the cycle of violence," the Council said. "These people will be held accountable by the Somali people and the international community for their actions if they persist on the path of confrontation and conflict."

The Council said fighting has continued to break out in Somalia, particularly in Mogadishu and Baidoa, even after the signing of the Declaration on Cessation of Hostilities and the Structures and Principles of the Somali National Reconciliation Process in Eldoret, launched under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

The statement strongly encouraged all parties "to end the suffering of their people and to restore peace and stability to their country." Noting that the six reconciliation committees of the peace process have faced difficulties with representation by Somali participants, the Council urged all parties involved to fully participate.

The Council also called on all States and other actors to "comply scrupulously" with its arms embargo and prevent the flow of weapons and ammunition supplies to Somalia. It insisted that persons and entities must not be allowed to take advantage of the situation in Somalia to finance, plan, facilitate, support or commit terrorist acts from the county.

In view of the deteriorating humanitarian conditions, the Council urged the Somali leaders to live up to their commitments under the "Eldoret Declaration" to provide immediate safe access to all humanitarian personnel.

The Council said though parts of Somalia remained unstable, relative stability continued to prevail in significant portions of the country. It requested the Secretary-General to continue putting in place preparatory activities for a comprehensive post-conflict peace-building mission in Somalia once security conditions permit.

Welcoming contributions by Kenya, the African Union, the European Union, Norway, the United States, the IGAD Partners Forum and the League of Arab States, the Council encouraged their continued role in the reconciliation process.