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UN maintains focus on missile inspections as probe continues in Iraq

UN maintains focus on missile inspections as probe continues in Iraq

UN inspectors in Iraq
United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq today maintained their focus on probing the country's missile systems while continuing scrutiny of suspected biological, chemical and nuclear warfare sites.

Experts from the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspections Commission (UNMOVIC) observed a static test of the Al Samoud 2 missile conducted at Al Rafah, according to a UN spokesman in Baghdad.

The UN also inspected Al Quadissiya, which spokesman Hiro Ueki said “produces heat-resistant components for several missile systems.”

In addition, an UNMOVIC team inspected Al Melad, a facility involved in the guidance and control system for the Al Fatah missile.

UN chemical experts inspected the Al Murage Company for Perfume Production in Baghdad, while a joint UNMOVIC multidisciplinary/biological team examined the former Karbala Ammunition Filling Plant. “This large facility, presently known as the Tabook State Company, is dedicated to filling various types of conventional ammunitions for the Ministry of Defense,” Mr. Ueki explained.

Another joint UNMOVIC multidisciplinary/biological team inspected the Veterinary College at Mosul University, he reported, adding that germ warfare experts also inspected the Ninevah Food Industrial Company in Mosul.

Meanwhile, a team from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conducted a “car-borne radiation survey” in the area of the Al Mutanna site, Mr. Ueki said.