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UN experts probe suspected germ warfare sites in Iraq

UN experts probe suspected germ warfare sites in Iraq

With new inspectors arriving in Iraq to boost their ranks, United Nations experts today probed suspected germ warfare and missile production sites around the country.

One biological team from the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) inspected the Department of Biotechnology-College of Sciences at Baghdad University at Al-Jadiriyia, according to spokesman Hiro Ueki. The Department, which was previously declared by Iraq and monitored by the UN, carries out basic research and teaching for graduate students.

Another biological team headed for Mosul to inspect previously declared biological sites in the region.

In addition, two UNMOVIC teams of missile experts visited separate locations involved in missile activity. One went to the government-owned Oxidiser Production plant, which is engaged in the production of fuel and oxidizer for missiles, such as the Volga/SA-2 and the Al Samood. The second team inspected the Al-Almeen Factory, which produces the motor cases and nozzle housings for the Al-Fet'h and the Al-Abour Missiles. The UNMOVIC chemical team inspected the Falluja II site.

Meanwhile, experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspected two sites in Baghdad: the Radwan Factory and the Iraqi Plant. Both were previously declared by Iraq.

With the arrival today of eight additional inspectors from UNMOVIC, the Commission now has 94, while the IAEA has 19 inspectors.