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UN mission to accredit two Bosnian law enforcement agencies

UN mission to accredit two Bosnian law enforcement agencies

The United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNMIBH) today announced plans to confer accreditation this week to two law enforcement agencies that have met the basic standards for democratic police institutions.

UNMIBH chief Jacques Klein is expected to be present at the accreditation ceremonies tomorrow, for the Republika Srpska's Ministry of the Interior, and Thursday, for the Ministry of the Interior for Canton 1, in the Bosnian Federation.

The Mission said the first two accreditations were the result of a long process aimed at improving the organizational and institutional structures of law enforcement agencies. That effort involved recommendations focusing on transparency and accountability, chains of command and management, performance assessment and promotions policy, internal control mechanism and cost efficiency.

Other law enforcement agencies will be accredited in the coming weeks, pending their implementation of the Mission's recommendations.